Hog Hunting Stories

Andy stops. He looks at me and points into the fog. I see what has his attention, there is a group of big hogs going on about their business.

… I centered my cross hairs and put a hot piece of lead right through his vitals, leaving a red path of courage between where I spotted him and his final resting place.

It was exactly what I came for.

Although Andy brought me to a good spot and set up an opportunity for my date with a 193lb hog, he really earned his tip when he did all of the lifting and field dressed it.

The next day we went out and did some saltwater fishing with Captain Tom. I hooked into a tarpon for the first time in my life! Wow! That fish gave me a fight that I will never forget and I certainly will be back for another one. Catching fish like that on the beautiful inter coastal of Southwest Florida was one of the best ways to top off a real Southwest Florida Hog Hunting adventure. What a trip. Thanks guys

Sincerely, Chris Fiedler

Thanks Chris! We love hearing reviews from our customers because it reminds us why we got into this business.


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Chris has been fortunate to hunt some great locations in Florida. His experience in the bush has made him a believer of just what it is that makes Hunting Hogs in Florida different. But his story isn’t unique. Most of our hunters hear about us through word-of-mouth, because when a hunter books their Florida Hog Hunting trip with us they will have a story to tell later. No matter how you prefer to hunt our land, from tree stands to RVs, we have you covered. A

re you in the area from out of town and don’t have your weapon? No problem. We have you covered. We don’t want anything to get between you and your hog or alligator. Well, except a bullet.

Are you curious of your chances? Hog hunting in Florida is a growing sport. We have tons of trophy and meat sized hogs, alligators, Osceola and other game. It’s not uncommon for hunters to bag 250 lb. + trophy sized hogs. Want meat for your freezer? You’ve come to the right place. We are the preferred grocery store of hunters everywhere.


“We had a great time at Hunting Hogs in Florida. The guys were great and really made us feel at home. We even stayed at their free camp grounds and were able to save enough cash to hunt an alligator the next day”
Evan D

“Mark and the guys really showed us a good time. I have had nothing but good memories out there and will be going back.”
James Buchannan